Suzuki GSXR 600 / 750 (2006 / 2007) Slip-On Exhaust

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Suzuki GSXR 600 / 750 TaylorMade Slip-On Exhaust

  • 4.5kg weight saving
  • Mid-range power increase: 6bhp
  • Top end power increase: up to 8bhp
  • Sound level without baffle: 106dB
  • Sound level with baffle: 104dB
  • Optional Power Commander
  • Optional black fibreglass or 100% carbon fibre trim
  • Optional removable baffle
  • Installation kit and instructions included

The TaylorMade exhaust system for the Suzuki GSXR 600 / 750 maximises the limited space under the engine for a unique, seamlessly integrated aftermarket system. By replacing your stock exhaust, you can ramp up the power, slim down the weight and enjoy a deep and satisfying rumble every time you ride.

The signature TaylorMade growl amps up and deepens the standard sound without being anti-social, at an impressive 106dB without the optional baffle. If you prefer to take it down a notch, or take part in sound-restricted track days, the baffle will reduce this to a slightly tamer 104dB. We recommend that you check with the track before booking any track days, as some UK circuits have very strict noise limits.

One major bonus of the TaylorMade exhaust system is the injection of extra power that an efficient exhaust provides. Giving a substantial hit of mid-range power at 6bhp and a considerable boost of 8bhp at the top end, the TaylorMade system is more than just a cosmetic change.

To get the most of your aftermarket exhaust, we highly recommend the use of the pre-mapped Power Commander to optimise the bike’s fuel consumption and ensure long-term peak performance.

The unique TaylorMade trim has been designed to effortlessly blend in with your Gixxer’s existing bodywork, creating a symmetrical, aerodynamic look that is unique to TaylorMade. The exhaust gases exit through a flush fitted pipe, with slash-cut styling that marks out your bike from the rest. Choose from 100% carbon fibre or black fibreglass trim to suit your own style.

Smartly tucked under the belly of the bike, the silencer itself is made of thin-wall stainless steel and finished with a durable ceramic coating for lightweight performance. The silencer has a dual chamber construction and a shorter can than stock, to reduce sound levels through a shorter can. The TaylorMade slip-on exhaust kit can shave a significant 4.5kg off your Suzuki GSXR’s weight, just by replacing the stock silencer.

We are the official UK supplier of TaylorMade exhausts, something to bear in mind if you’re considering ordering from the USA. We offer free UK delivery, no hidden charges and easy returns. See this page for more information.

Our expert technicians can even fit your new exhaust for you at our East Midlands workshop – call us on 01623 627600 for a fitting quote.